Strategic Messaging

Well-crafted messages convey a vision, deploy a unified market identity, demonstrate leadership and adapt to evolving market conditions. Successful messaging starts with articulating the vision and culture of a company, the value delivered by products or services, and market research to position a company with sustainable differentiation. All messages are crafted to establish a competitive advantage.

The fundamentals of strategic messaging are timeless. Core messages are a cornerstone of how you always talk about your company. Additional details about your company tailor your message to a specific audience and may evolve over time to adapt to market opportunities. The core messaging foundation remains consistent.

In the 1960s, IBM conveyed a vision of being a word processing company while competitors continued to tout typewriters. Today, Google is more than a search engine. Microsoft wants to be more than a PC software company. Apple, king of consumer technology, struck a deal with IBM that analysts call a transformational step into the enterprise.

Whether talking to a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, venture capitalists or a prospective customer, you have 30 seconds to make a good impression. In the “elevator speech” it is important to get to the point quickly to establish a compelling conversation. “Who” is your company? “What” makes your company better than your competitors? “Why” should I do business with your company?

Marketing carries the vision into the evolving marketplace. Public relations validates the vision through media and industry analysts. We help position clients to establish value and stake a claim of leadership with differentiation through strategic communications.